Rodents of Unusual Sweetness (ROUS)

A Seattle rattery specializing in exceptionally friendly pet rats

Hi! My name is Lynn Rosskamp and I'm the rat concierge around these parts. My life in rats began in 1997, when my husband Wilhelm and I adopted a rescued lab rat. We fell in love with his ratty ways, discovered the rat fancy community in Western Washington, started breeding and showing in 2000 and have been bossed around by a wonderful colony of rats ever since. We are long time members of RatsPacNW and, with their help, started putting on Ratapalooza, Seattle's pet rat expo, which has been going strong for over a decade. After a bit of a hiatus, I am back into breeding pet rats. My breeding stock come from carefully chosen Northwest breeders who, like me, care about the health, longevity and temperament of their rats first and foremost. Show ribbons are nice, but my primary concern as a breeder is to know that my rats are treasured members of their human families. We also take in rescues from time to time and highly recommend Best Friend Rodent Rescue if you are looking to enlarge your ratty family with a rescued pet. You can also like us on Facebook for breaking rattery updates.

For inquiries about the rattery and available babies, please email me at

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If interested in adopting, please email Lynn and I will send you a link to our online adoption application.

Unless you already have rats at home who need a new friend, we only adopt same-sex pairs as rats are social animals who do best in groups of two or more. Our adoption fee is $25 per well-socialized, healthy, pedigreed rat.

We have no current litters available for adoption at the moment as we have had terrible luck getting any of our rat girls to concieve. We've cooled down the rat room which we hope will lead to more fertility. If all goes well, we should have at least a few litters of babies available in late summer/early fall. Visit our Planned Litters page to learn more and email Lynn to put in a request for an application adoption and to be put on a waitlist for babies.

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