Past Litters

Born March 8, 2013

The Wonder Twins!

TOPI Kassie x RMIS Nimbus


Born February 14, 2014

This litter of five perfect pinkies was a much more exciting a gift to receive on Valentine's Day than flowers or chocolates! Babies in this litter will be named after characters in classic fairytales, thanks to their mother's name. It could have been German Expressionists or Ghostbusters if we'd gone with dad's. This litter will hopefully produce half harley coats, some of those velveteen harleys, as well as smooth coats and velveteens, all of whom will carry harley coat. All babies should be top eared but there is a slight chance for dumbo ears in the litter. The colors should be various Russian blue tones, hopefully super dark and ticked like mom's glorious coat. This breeding is also to continue to solidify positive traits into the Harley coated line through a little judicious outcrossing. Both parents have delightful personalities and are energetic, outgoing and very playful.

Kaiju Attack!

Born February 15, 2014

Pachinko never does anything by half measures: she delivered a full dozen lovely, healthy little rat kittens on Saturday! Babies in this litter will be named after famous kaiju, or giant monsters made famous in Japanese movies. This litter will be half roan and half roan carrier and feature smooth coats and rexes. All babies will be dumbo-eared. The colors should be various Russian blue tones, mostly doves. Roans are my absolute favorite variety to work with due to their adorableness and outstanding personalities. My lines descend primarily from RSCL Keoki, who was my absolute favorite rat of all time and it's almost like being able to clone little versions of that amazingly sweet guy.

Update: I was able to get a count of genders/coat types/roans and it's great news for my waiting list who are mostly interested in adding girls to their families: four males and eight females. Everyone is dumbo and will likely be the same dove color as mom and dad. Exactly half are roan (roans have the blazed face and slowly fade their colors out as they age, like dad) and half are not, like mom. It looks like we have one smooth coated boy roan, one rex coated boy roan, four rex coated girl roans, one smoth coated non-roan boy, one rex coated non-roan boy, two smooth coated non-roan girls and two rex coated non-roan girls.

American Rodent Story: Lovin'

Born March 7, 2014

Babies in this litter will be named after characters from their breeder's guiltiest TV pleasure, American Horror Story: Coven. The litter should be quite a cornucopia of coats and colors: smooth coat, velveteen, Harley and HarleyVelveteen. The colors should be minks, russian blues, doves and possibly even a few colorpoints. Thisbe is adorably bossy - she wants your attention and she will shove everyone else out of the way to get it. Turtle is hilarious. He's got a bit of a Napoleon complex and thinks he is the alpha despite being sat upon regularly by the larger guys in his cage. He would prefer to spend his entire life out of the cage, on a shoulder, playing king of the world. I expect some LARGE personalities in this litter - no shy violets here. Babies were born on March 9.


Born August 16, 2014

We were going to name this litter after characters in the television series Orphan Black but this litter is VERY boy heavy, so we'll be saving that naming theme for a litter with lots of girls. Instead, these cuties will all have names that begin with Ph or F, in honor of their parents. Also, I have always wanted to name a rat Froderick Fronkenstein because of my love of terrible Mel Brooks movies. This litter should produce all dumbos, some rex, a few smooth and a few double rex/patchwork coats. We are already seeing some roans as their pigment is coming in and the colors will likely be mostly black with some russian blues possible. Mainly this breeding is all about the personality. This line goes the whole way back to Keoki, the rat who started it all, and both Phlox and Francis have his incredibly good nature and charisma that turn even rat phobes into rat fans. Phlox is an excellent mother and had a very easy, textbook pregnancy and delivery - I wish all my girls were like her in that regard. She's been nursing well and is quite attentive to her babies. She's made it clear that she'd prefer I not fuss to much at her litter at the moment, but she should mellow on that stance as the babies get older and more active and independent. I am handling them to begin socializing them to humans, but it definitely requires me luring Phlox out of their nest with extra delicious treats. Hmm, who's the smarter species here?

The Crown Jewels

Our first pearl merles litter in years was born on October 27 - seven girls and one boy. These are both new lines for me that I brought in from breeders in Utah and I'm so pleased with both their personalities and looks. All the babies are dumbos and most have mom's plush rex coat.

TaRATantino Films

Born December 10, 2014

By popular demand, all Harleys, HarVels, velveteens and smooth coats (all carrying Harley, which means a softer coat for everyone), mink and russian blue variations, classic markings, some dumbo, some standard ears. Lovely personalities and the sweetest little otter faces. Babies will all have names for characters in the film Pulp Fiction. There are two boys and four girls in the litter. Coat colors and types should become evident in a week or so.


Born December 13, 2014

Dalmatians, finally! All paws crossed for a litter of lovely dals to meet the level of interest we've all had in spotty babies in the NW. Fabulous personalities - this will be an outstanding pet litter. All babies should be standard sized, half rex and half standard coat, dumbo ears, many with cute face markings. Babies will all be named for tasty pastries. There are nine babies in the litter, all doing very well.

Rat Friendship is Magic!

Born July 24, 2015

Our wonderful roans have made more beautiful color changing rats who adore humans! The litter of ten is evenly split between boys and girls. They've just been moved into a bigger, multi-story cage and are starting to be more active and explore their new environment. All baby photos are at 2 weeks (on the orange plaid blanket) and at 4 weeks (on the blue and green geometric blanket.

Like a Tea Tray in the Sky

Born August 23, 2015

Paprika, always an overachiever, gifted us with FIFTEEN perfect pinkies on August 23 and has been doing an absolutely superb job of feeding and caring for her mob of loud little squeakers. There are six roans and the rest are low white roan carriers. All are dumbo and most are rex, with a few double rex. Everyone is agouti or black. This litter is wild and crazy and super fun and active. They've escaped from a previously thought to be secure cage TWICE (everyone is fine and contained now) and are typically either rocketing around the cage defying the laws of physics, driving their poor mom crazy or sleeping in an exhausted heap. They've all been named for types of teas since they are all naturally caffienated.

SITH Farro from Panzy's Place Rattery

Mars Rovers

Born October 4, 2015

Charisma about scared us to death with this litter. Several days prior to her due date, she spotted blood which is very normal in the day before a litter is born but often indicates a miscarriage if it happens earlier in a pregnancy. We waited to see what would happen and if rushing her to the vet was neccessary, and, well, nothing did for days. She continued to have a small but evident belly and she acted as if nothing was wrong. Her appetite was solid, her activity levels were at typical wild and crazy levels. So we decided to just leave her be, cross all our paws and fingers and hope for the best. And the best absolutely happened. She gifted us with four babies, one of which, sadly only lived for a couple of days. But the three girls are growing like blackberries in the NW and are quite chubby with all that milk just for them. They've been named for several of the Mars rovers: Spirit and Opportunity (the twins) and Curiosity. They're all spoken for but I will definitely work on another dalmatian litter for the end of the year since the markings are so cute and the personalities are always so happy and busy in the dalmatian lines.


Bandette delivered 13 babies on December 2. Though the delivery was a little harrowing, mama and babies got through it and everyone is doing very well now and nursing happily. We expect lovely russian blue color variants, mostly top eared, some harley and harvel (curly harley), everyone a true character if they have the same big personalities of their parents. Babies will be named for the John Waters film and Broadway musical "Hairspray!" Click on the litter name for baby pics (coming soon) and pedigree.

Eight Tiny Reindeer

Kouign (pronounced Queen) delivered her 8 tiny reindeer like a pro on December 2. We are expecting face marked dalmatians in both standard and dumbo ears, some velveteen, some standard and some double velveteen, in black and russian blue. Squirrel is a total schmoozer and Kouign is a dainty little miss. Availablity will probably be somewhat limited on this litter as there are several of my breeding partners who are planning to adopt from this litter to perpetuate this line for future adoption throughout the Northwest. Click on the litter name for baby pics (coming soon) and pedigree.

The Dynamic Duo!

Honey Bunny produced two perfect tiny babies on December 16. Not quite the size of litter we were hoping for, but we are delighted that mum and babies are all doing very well. Given the tiny litter size, probably ony one will be available for adoption as we generally keep a baby from all our litters to continue to perpetuate lines.

Treasures of Japan

This pairing should produce the most amazing personalities. Sherman is a giant charmer and Dot is so full of spunk and energy. Dot gave birth to four boys on February 10 and they are all doing very well and growing fast. Three of the four are likely down-unders like mom (funky spots on their tummy that mirror the markings on their back) and we have three black and one agouti. This litter is all reserved for my wait list as it was such a small litter.

The Bennet Sisters (and Miss Darcy)

Venus, the queen of our rattery and her handsome consort Squirrel, became parents on February 28. All six beautiful babies are girls and thus we had to name them for the sisters in Pride and Predjudice, one of their human's favorite novels. These little ones are just astoundingly cute and precious - they are playful and fluffy and love to run up and nibble your fingers and hop into your palm for a ride around the room. It's going to be hard to not keep all six!

PNZY Pecan Pie

Smell the Roses

Eugenia gave birth on May 10 in the wee hours of the morning to a eleven perfect pinkies - eight boys and three girls. Eugenia has been a fantastic and doting mother so far and the babies are all very well fed and groomed and loved. Babies have been named for varieties of roses.

Coffee Time

Cecelia and PG Tips embody everything about the roans that makes them my primary breeding line. They're so friendly, so easy going but so fun and engaging. The roans seem to just produce the friendliest, best pet rats and they're so pretty as bonus. These eight boys (all boys!) were born on May 24 and are split evenly between roan and not. Everyone is dumbo and most are rex, with one smooth coat and a couple I suspect are double rex. I will discover which are doubles in a few weeks when they begin to molt.

Big in Japan

Born September 27, 2016

This litter of nine chubby pups is all about the markings which should include blazes, spotting and down-under belly markings. We should get smooth, velveteen and a few double velveteen for coats and all dumbo ears. Most of the babies will be black and white, with the possibility of russian blue or mink. Splendid is a smart little cookie who is very curious and adventurous, 'Sugi is a cuddler with his boys and his people. Splendid is a super attentive mother who is taking excellent care of her little ones and feeding them very well. It looks like five females and four males in the litter. Colors appear so far to be a real rainbow. Babies will be named for cities in Japan.

LASC Harry (visiting from SITH Rattery)

The Perfumed Court

Born October 4, 2016

The lovely Empress gave birth to ten beautiful babies on October 4. Delivery was very smooth and she was instantly nursing and fussing after them. Roans are my absolute favorite line of rats to work with. I'm into double digits on generations I've bred and feel you just cannot beat the roans for great personality. I expect half roans and half low white marked carriers. Everyone should be a dumbo and half should be rex like mom. Colors will likely be mostly black with some russian blue or mink possibilities. Babies will be named for perfume brands.

The Giblets

Iris delivered six perfect pinkies on November 23. I don't have any specifics yet on genders, coat types, ears, colors or markings as mama is very nest protective - no biting, just a solid refusal to get off her nest (made in a platicigloo she tipped sideways). I feel pretty lucky to have even gotten a headcount. I adore working with Harleys. They had some issues early on with health and temperament but through the work of many breeders, the lovely coat now comes with a lovely temperament and solid health. I expect half harleys and half smooth coated carriers The carriers do tend to be a little softer and have longer guard hairs on their fur, which you might be able to see in Inigo's photo. I expect russian blue and dove colors in some interesting higher white markings, with half dumbo and half top ear. Babies will be named for Thanksgiving dishes due to them being born just in time for the holiday.

Hollywood Royalty

Mizz Lizz delivered four perfect pinkies on November 22 - three girls and one boy. Details on coats and colors and markings will follow as the get a bit bigger and a lot furrier. Liz Taylor is the best Harvel (a mix of harley and velveteen coats) I have ever seen and I am so hoping to replicate her luscious locks and firecracker personality. Cubby is one of the absolute nicest gentleman rats you could meet - he's incredibly gentle with anyone who handles him and puts up so nicely with his rambunctious cagemates. I expect Russian blue and dove, in mostly self or low white markings, though this line loves to throw random blazed and colorpoint curveballs. We should get a real variety of coats including smooth, velveteen, harley and harvel and we expect a mix of dumbo and top ears. Babies will be named for classic Hollywood stars, just like their mama who has almost violet coloring, just like her namesake's famous eyes.

Box of Chocolates

Madeleine went for quality over quantity and had two beautiful, very chubby babies on January 6, one girl and one boy. Both are reserved. Mads is a lovely petite girl who is always curiously watching the humans go about their business. Mr. Darcy is a complete gentleman who is always welcoming to new boys in his cage and who puts up with little hands learning to handle rats gently. He's a true ambassador for his species. I think this will be a very sweet litter and a very chocolatey colored one, so they'll all be named for famous chocolatiers.


More roans (maybe)! Juniper might carry roan and Peace is a dove (thus half mink), so this is a heck of a wild card litter. I do know they will all be dumbo and coats will be rex and smooth. I also think the personalities will be classic roan: like tiny golden retrievers. Babies will be named for evergreen trees and bushes. Five babies were born on January 21. All babies in this litter are now reserved.

Tarot Rats

Victoire is such a sweet girl - active, sleek, friendly to rats and humans - the typical great roan personality. Jicky is a slightly young father, but from such well established lines and with such a fabulous personality that pairs so well with Victoire's that this pairing had to happen. Babies were born on April 18. There are two boys and eight girls, all roans, all dumbos and a mix of rex and smooth coat. All babies reserved for my waiting list.

The Bobbles

This litter was a real nail-biter! Velma had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and then a bit of a rough delivery on June 8. She gave birth to 10 babies, one of whom passed shortly after delivery, but afterwards was not interested in mothering or nursing the pups. Luckily, Little Whiskers Rattery of Washington, a sister rattery in Lacey, had the marvelous Beans who became a mother just days before Velma and who had plenty of motherly love and milk to spare. We took a wild car ride south that very evening to get the Bobbles tucked in with their foster family. Sadly, we lost the runt, but the remaining eight are doing fantastically well and growing big and plump under Beans' care. Velma has fully recovered and has been retired from our breeding program to simply be the queen of her cage group as always here. More photos and information will be forthcoming from Renee at Little Whiskers. These babies should be perfectly fine and healthy and be ready for new homes in late July. In the tradition of boxer and culinary entrepreneur George Foreman, all babies will be named for famous Bobs: Bob Ross, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bob the Drag Queen...

Box of Chocolates (Part 2)

This is going to be one interesting litter. Archer is our first marten male to join the menagerie and he's a wonderful introduction to his breed. He's sweet, silly and very outgoing. Marguerite is our princess. She's as beautiful inside as she is outside and has an actual informal fan club going. This litter has a LOT of pre-reservations so I'm really hoping everything works out well and she has a solid sized litter. We should get burmese, black eyed siamese and some martens, plus whatever a marten burmese might look like. Purple? Plaid? Everyone should be dumbo and half will have a lovely rex coat like mum. I also anticipate glorious personalities if genetics has anything to do with it. Babies will be named for types of chocolates. Marguerite has four extremely large, chubby babies, all spoken for, born on June 17.

Shakespeare in Love (With Rats)

Lovely harleys, harvels, velveteens and standard coats, all carrying harley, in Russian blue and possibly colorpoint, all dumbo. These babies should have fantastic personalities. Their mom is one of our most outgoing girls and their dad is so gentle and mellow. Babies will be named for Shakespearean characters, just like mom. Pease surpised the heck out of us by having a large litter of 11 a day earlier than expected on June 17. And she did it ninja style, with all babies birthed, cleaned and nursing in an hour!!! Peaseblossom means business with her babies!

My Favorite Things

This litter is all for the cuteness and sweetness of the roan line. Wing is pretty much the queen of the rattery and everyone who meets her falls hopelessly in love with her. Cedar is young but already he's the dearest little cuddler. I expect black, agouti and possibly russian blue and russian blue agouti for colors, half roan, half low white, all dumbo and half rex and half smooth coat. I predict everyone will be utterly delightful in this litter. Babies will be named for the objects listed in the Favorite Things song from the musical The Sound of Music. Wing delivered 8 gorgeous healthy babies on October 29, five boys and three girls. All are reserved for my waiting list.


Yoko is an awesome party rat who is curious about everything. Errol is a very serious rat who always appears to be considering what's going on around him very deeply. I expect russian based and funky mink dilute dalmatian dumbos in various lovely markings, all smooth coat with a possibility of Harley coat. Babies will be named for beaches along the Washington and Oregon coasts. Yoko gave birth on October 21 to six big gorgeous babies, 5 girls and 1 boy (on first inspection.) They are adorable and already I am seeing faint markings that cause me to think half will look exactly like papa and half like mama. Yoko is an attentive helicopter mom who has insisted on shoving every scrap of bedding and half the contents of her food dish into the giant nest in her igloo. Cage cleaning breaks her heart, I'm afraid, but we have to do it or it gets pretty stinky. Sorry, Yoko.

Sugar Rush

Tumbleweed is my little flossy ball of sunshine. He's always so happy to see me and wants to cuddle and groom. Many people are put off by red-eyed rats thanks to Hollywood horror movies, but literally everyone who has ever met Tumbleweed says he's beautiful. Cheryl is a chubby little doll. She's round and dainty and just good natured. I expect colorpoint dumbos in various varieties, including black and red eyes and also Martens, the amazing color changing colorpoint rats. Fur types should be smooth and rex, with all babies carrying one copy of the harley gene, which makes them extra soft. Cheryl delivered nine lovely babies on October 21, 5 girls and 4 boys on first inspection. I'm already seeing some dark Marten coats in the crew and whiskers indicate a pretty good split between smooth and curly coats. Cheryl is a very attentive mother who is also pretty easy to lure away from the babies with the promise of an especially tasty snack. In honor of Cheryl's sweet tooth, the babies will be named for sugary treats.

We Rebel!

Touko and Savannah are both outgoing little clowns who just crave human attention and playtime. Touko is really just too much rat for one person - he's packed with personality, lives to run around and free range (but is a gentleman about his chewing and potty habits), and can't get enough attention. He will pick attention over almost all foods. Savannah can't possibly sit still long enough for too much cuddling but she absolutely loves to hand wrestle, get pettings and assiduously groom your fingernails. I expect dove dumbos in various lovely markings, including downunder, classic Berkshire and Irish and some dalmatian, half of the litter should also have velveteen hair, hopefully with that scruffy terrier look that their mom sports. Savannah delivered seven pups on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, which makes me wonder if it's an omen for how fiery they'll be. In honor of their birthday, babies will all have names of famous historical rebels.

Assorted Cookies

I love these little wonky faces so much. I expect Russian color variations in various lovely markings, dumbo and top ear and a variety of coats that could include smooth, harley, harvel and velveteen. Babies will be named for various kinds of cookies. A lovely litter of 7 babies were born on December 20, 2 boys and 5 girls.

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